Best CRMs of 2023: Compare prices and reviews

This guide is aimed at all companies that are aware of the benefits of customer management software, and are considering a functional test for their next implementation in the company. Let's take a look at a comparison of the best CRMs on the market, and analyze where each one stands out.

Salesforce CRM

This application is one of the most recognized customer management programs on the market. It was born directly as a 100% cloud application, and exploits the advantage of working online from any device and place.

Salesforce includes modules for sales forecasting, for managing numerous leads and contacts, and for integrating third-party email applications (personal or corporate).

Its other highlight is its versatility when it comes to creating reports and statistics, making it an analytical CRM from 25 euros per user per month.

HubSpot CRM

The first great advantage we see when using HubSpot is how complete its free and 100% online version is, with numerous integrations and functions that allow the company to start working with it, and only evaluate the purchase of additional modules in case the free ones fall short.

The paid versions are sold by packaged functionalities, depending on whether we choose the version for sales, marketing or customer service, the most economical option being the Starter license, at a price of 41 euros per month per user (perhaps somewhat high according to the average prices of the competition).

Dynamics CRM

Microsoft's CRM is one of the most complete customer management programs on the market, as it includes different operational modules depending on the needs of the company, and integrates ERP functionalities as part of a more complete suite: Dynamics 365.

In addition, it has an interface very similar to Office 365, which makes it very easy to use and navigate through its menus.

The modules are divided into Sales (sales-oriented), Marketing, Customer Service (customer service-oriented) and Field Service (on-site support-oriented).

Its pricing structure is relatively complex, because it is subject to having a first (more expensive) license, with subsequent licenses being more economical.


CRMLab is perhaps the most economical solution of all the programs on this list, since it also contains a series of free functionalities for a single user (with certain limitations such as, for example, a maximum of 50 contacts), and can be licensed for 10 euros per month (and somewhat less if we make an annual payment).

It should also be noted that it has modules oriented to the size of the company (not so much according to the area of work, as Dynamics does) and, although some are significantly more expensive, they include more complete functionalities.

Additionally, CRMLab includes plugins to integrate with third-party applications (such as WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop), again taking advantage of all the capabilities of online CRM.

Sage CRM

This application has the customer at the center, being one of the most representative operational CRMs of this type: it is highly customizable, suitable for use in environments with many users and can be purchased through perpetual license purchase, an annual licensing or in pay-per-use mode.

However, not all versions of SAGE CRM run fully online, as it has a version that requires local software; although, thanks to this, it is possible to operate offline and then synchronize changes once the network connection is re-established.


Users who love good visual interfaces will find in Freshsales an intuitive and efficient companion, also oriented to help the sales department in the management of accounts, contacts and leads.

In addition, it has good multichannel communication tools, to improve the experience of interacting with the customer and make it its best asset compared to other similar programs.

In terms of pricing, it has a 100% free online application that is quite complete, with a 21-day evaluation version and a price of 12 euros per month per user in its most basic module.

Agile CRM

This application stands out because, in the same software, it integrates three essential functional modules (marketing, customer service and sales) from the most basic version, which costs about 9 euros per month per user.

The three modules communicate with each other, which greatly facilitates the customer journey of each client, and fulfills the primary objective of these programs: to offer a comprehensive and personalized experience with each company or CRM contact.

Along the same lines as the applications on this list, Agile CRM is a program that can be run entirely from the cloud, which means great savings in personnel and IT infrastructure for companies.

Sugar CRM

Customization is the hallmark of Sugar CRM, a web-based open source solution, which is not limited to being an online CRM, but can also be run from the company's local servers.

It has a demo version for each of its modules (marketing, sales and customer service), although its prices are not as affordable as the rest (about 52 euros per month per user, with a minimum of 10 users).

These are just some of the best CRMs available on the market: the choice of the best CRM for your company will depend on its size (by number of users), the functions to be integrated, and the budget you intend to allocate to this acquisition.