Digital Invoice: 7 benefits for your company

The digital invoice is a reality in dozens of countries, as it guarantees greater consumer protection and contributes to the reduction of tax evasion.

However, there are still those who see the issuance of digital tax receipts as a mere obligation and fail to glimpse the advantages it offers to companies.

If you are interested in knowing how the use of this tool is beneficial for your business, keep reading!

1. Cost reduction

Undoubtedly, one of the ways in which companies have benefited from digital invoicing is the reduction of costs related to the invoicing process.

By using an electronic invoicing system, the processes of capture, generation and delivery of receipts are digitized, which means a reduction in the use of printing materials, to give an example.

In addition, these technological solutions usually include the capacity to store and classify the fiscal and contact information of those who are billed, which translates into a reduction in the need for physical storage of such documentation.

Finally, they allow you to have a digital copy of your invoices online, so that, except on rare occasions, having to physically file these receipts is ruled out.

2. Process optimization

Unlike the already non-existent physical invoicing, digital invoicing is flexible and involves agile and simple administrative processes.

Especially when software is implemented to automate the different stages of invoicing, eliminating capture errors and making the process much faster.

For example, a quality system usually includes alternatives such as the so-called auto-invoice, which greatly optimizes the process of generating an invoice.

It is no wonder, since having a portal for your customers to generate their receipts themselves, reduces the time spent at the cash register, which increases customer satisfaction levels.

In other words, you get a more comfortable shopping experience for consumers who do not have to request and wait for the issuance of tax receipts for their purchases, which in turn reduces the work of invoicing in your company. Win-win!

3. Simplified accounting

Business accounting is much simpler when you have tools that allow you to digitize your invoicing processes.

One of the possibilities of this kind of technological solutions is that they immediately and automatically store tax and accounting information and documentation.

In this way, the data of interest is stored in a centralized platform and in a classified manner, which guarantees that there is no loss of information or classic fingerprinting errors.

This facilitates the preparation of financial statements, the submission of tax documentation to the authorities and, above all, the performance of audits and internal evaluations, tasks that usually require a lot of time and effort when your invoicing processes are not fully digitized.

4. Compliance with tax obligations

Invoicing, being part of the fiscal area of companies, is a key aspect for them, and developing it correctly ensures that there are no problems with the authorities.

For that reason, it is important to have digital invoices that fully comply with the provisions established by the SAT (Tax Administration Service) in Mexico.

In addition, having an always updated invoicing software increases the level of security, since it guarantees that the legitimacy of the receipts, both issued and received, can be guaranteed.

Finally, there is no doubt that consumers feel more confident when making purchases in stores that use digital invoicing than in those that only use remittances.

5. Making professional quotations

There are digital invoicing systems that are much more than a tool to generate and send receipts to customers.

They usually have many other functions that optimize and facilitate the tasks of the administrative area, such as sales and accounting. Such is the case of the process of making professional quotations.

If you have a quality electronic invoicing tool, you will be able to create unlimited quotations and send them by e-mail in just a few minutes.

6. Quick generation of credit notes

Through electronic invoices, by means of a quality tool, you will cover your corrections, refunds and bonuses in a simple way.

It only takes a few minutes to generate credit notes within the platform and these can be sent immediately through electronic channels.

This is because you have all the information you need to generate them in the system and you don't have to worry about having to search again for the data required to generate the notes.

7. Social Responsibility

Finally, it is important that business owners and managers are concerned about making their companies more socially responsible, as this also guarantees them a better perception in the market.

Fortunately, the use of digital invoicing in your company will also help to strengthen this area, as it will join those corporate organizations that understand the importance of their operations have the least possible environmental impact.

Thanks to digital processes, you will contribute to the reduction of tree felling, and because much less printing material is demanded.

Also, you will significantly reduce the emission of waste, another way to mitigate the environmental impact of your operations, in this case those of invoicing.

That's all! If you have carefully read all these points, you already know the main benefits of digital invoicing.

Additionally, remember that the digital invoice provides greater satisfaction to your customers, since by reducing delivery times, being flexible and avoiding data entry errors, the shopping experience will improve substantially, which facilitates customer loyalty.

However, for the digital invoice to provide you with all these advantages, it is important that you implement it with the help of a quality technology provider that offers you a system adapted to the needs and particularities of your business.

Also, do not forget that the tool you have within your reach must be able to offer you a tax receipt issuance that complies with the great diversity of fiscal dispositions that exist in the country.

If you want a complete, intuitive and free tool, we invite you to use Bind ERP's electronic invoicing tool. Did you find this reading about digital invoicing useful? Follow our blog for more content of interest to your business. See you soon!