Porsche and creating 'god'

Almost all brands of the world are by heart the "bible": the customer is king, that is necessary to listen to customers and understand them. However, a few, extremely few, the brand does not necessarily follow the path already mapped out this. One of which is Porsche.

Referring to a super luxury sports cars, then surely no one is unaware of the Porsche brand. Rome was not built in one hour. And the Porsche successfully positioning versus other brand series is a long story. One of the reasons differed Porsche desirable is calculated "extremist" in their design. In "Design makes brand" of Jay Green, one reads that "there will not be a Porsche that is created by a board, but only by a few people behind this wall, who knows exactly what is a Porsche. "

Those "behind the wall" refers to the design professionals the most stupid, "horror" in the automotive industry is sitting at the headquarters of Porsche. Sounds like Porsche only love themselves, just listen to themselves instead of listening to customers.

Porsche is confident the "beauty" of his own. Porsche stand as beautiful as they more and more people owning their desires, the desire to share their passion for beauty. The key here is Porche was understood insights (truth implicitly) their customers. Despite his detention beauty in design laboratories are closed, they knew out there with a client department waiting unique designs created just his Porsche. Client groups are not many, but they are rich and they love their unique beauty. Porsche does not "autistic" with their unique design. But they did not care about a lot of people enjoy it or not. They want a lovely location away from the worker him as the Honda Accord, Ford Focus and Fiat. They did not even want to stand near his nobles like BMW, Mercedes or Audi. They did not trust anyone. They just believe in themselves.

The headquarters of Porsche in Germany

But do not think Porsche only themselves isolated within the four walls of their room design. After finishing with the design and unique features that no one envisioned, they also market research. They invited believers to love sports cars to test drive and experience and to comment. But the purpose of Porsche customers admire and try not to hear comments as a basis for the "trimmed" to beauty. They just wanted to listen to find out the methods of communication and reasonable sales only.

Nice is not enough. Nobody would desire to own a beautiful Porsche steering feel "sluggish" or affordable furniture. They have a nice slogan, "we chose to sit back relax and feel the power of speed?". To do turn up the sportiness in all their vehicles.

Porsche's racing see his house. That's where they research and develop the car every tenth of a second faster and lighter than a gram each. But do not sell the cars Porsche motor thousand horsepower, because they knew, only the horsepower is not enough to win since 1948. Questions That philosophy has now spread around the world car industry but few have done as Porsche. Evidence is clear that the Porsche 956 is the fastest record holder in "green hell" Nürburgring with 6: 11:13 918 Spyder also topped the list of commercial vehicles.

Not only fast, the Porsche engine, 911 stream rather there are "allergic". As the world race, with V, W, the Porsche 911 to maintain the traditional 6-cylinder engine horizontally. The layout is similar to the image on the floor of the vehicle to the day before. This engine makes the car lower focus, better traction. That was the Porsche 911 and the client wants to put such a vehicle on his garage. For example, the Porsche 911 GT3 variant, 80% owner regularly used this car to meet at racetrack speeds. An extremely impressive figure. It suggests that anyone buying GT3 want to promote all the power of the engine block produced by Porsche.

So forget what Porsche had passengers in the cabin? The answer is no. Their customers will enjoy one of the interior space in the most luxurious of the car industry. All materials are the best kind if the customer wants. When you have custom furniture anywhere, remember that there are no restrictions.

There is a very beautiful story about Porsche that is the strength test the logo, the details do not affect the safety of a vehicle. But the meticulous attention to detail always at Porsche, they fired bullets into the logo to test reliability and hard, before continuing with "Extra" 240 hour salt spray chamber. Porsche logo, the symbol can not be confused even with someone who does not care about the car.

Confident altitude differences in its unique, few know how to "create God" as brand Porsche super luxury sports car. They have brought a great experience for those who love and are capable of owning branded cars Porsche.