How to choose logistics software for last mile delivery planning

Last mile delivery planning is crucial to the success of logistics companies. In an increasingly competitive and demanding world, marked by the growth of e-commerce, good logistics planning software can make all the difference to the efficiency and profitability of operations.

In this article, we'll show you how to choose the right software and discuss the advantages offered by DispatchTrack.

The importance of good last mile delivery planning

As we already know, the last mile is critical to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation for the brand.

That's why good last mile delivery planning allows companies to optimize routes, reduce delivery times and operating costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase overall efficiency.

And in this context, the right logistics software for delivery planning is essential to achieve these goals.

What should a last mile delivery planning software include?

When choosing a logistics software for delivery planning, it is important to consider the following aspects.

Route optimization: The software should be able to automatically calculate the most efficient route, taking into account factors such as traffic, time constraints and customer preferences.

Order and delivery management: The system should enable real-time order and delivery management and tracking, facilitating communication between delivery drivers, customers and logistics personnel.

Integration with other systems: Good logistics software must be compatible with other systems and applications used by the company, such as warehouse management systems, e-commerce and ERP.

Scalability: The software must be able to adapt to the company's growth and changing needs, without compromising its performance or functionality.

Support and upgrades: It is essential to have a vendor that offers technical support and regular updates to keep the software up to date and ensure its optimal operation.

The advantages of planning your deliveries with DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack's technology allows you to enhance your delivery planning by optimizing and designing routes so that you can maximize the number of packages delivered in the shortest possible time, thus reducing transportation costs and staff overtime.

Our software allows you to design optimized routes in just minutes, so your carriers can make efficient deliveries and adapt to the different constraints of your business. In addition, it is fully customizable and adjusts to your operation, allowing you to define your particular objectives and the specific qualities of your resources and operation.

Some of our advantages are:

Configure your planning

-We adapt to your needs so that you can configure your planning according to the objectives and restrictions of your operation. With our tool, you can plan routes taking into account variables such as customer time windows, traffic conditions and truck capacity. In addition, you can adjust truck loading according to the characteristics of the product to be delivered, such as size, temperature, value and volume.

Designate specific zones

-Design customized geofences so that your fleet of vehicles can move around the city more efficiently and better allocate your resources.

Assign time windows

-Each customer has specific times to receive deliveries, and now you can set the time windows for each one so that your carrier will arrive at that time.

Access your route details

-View all the destinations in your schedule on a single map where you can easily change a delivery point if you deem it necessary.

Visualize the planning result

-On an easy to understand map you can visualize all your planning, with all the variables and routes defined.

Classify and label your vehicles

-If you have different types of operations, we can differentiate them with labels, in order to categorize and obtain an optimal planning result.

DispatchTrack: More than a delivery planning solution

In addition to route optimization, DispatchTrack has excelled in offering a wide range of features to optimize last mile operations. Some advantages of DispatchTrack include:

Advanced delivery management and communication - DispatchTrack simplifies delivery management for companies, providing a complete view of the process from scheduling to delivery confirmation. It also facilitates communication between delivery drivers, customers and logistics personnel, offering features such as text messaging, email alerts and automatic notifications.

Integration with other systems: Our tool easily integrates with other systems and applications, such as warehouse management systems, e-commerce and CRM, simplifying operations and improving business efficiency. This integration automates processes and shares information between different departments and applications, resulting in better decision making and increased productivity.

Real-time analysis and reporting: DispatchTrack offers real-time analysis and reporting that enables companies to monitor the performance of their logistics operations and detect areas for improvement. The software provides customizable key performance indicators (KPIs) and statistics, making it easy to identify trends and implement corrective actions.

Customer support and training: DispatchTrack offers customer support, ensuring that companies can quickly address any issues or concerns. In addition, the company provides training and online resources to help users take full advantage of all the software's features and benefits.

Choosing the best logistics software for delivery planning is critical to the success of companies in the last mile. When evaluating the available options, consider aspects such as route optimization, order and delivery management, integration with other systems and scalability.

DispatchTrack can play a key role in optimizing logistics operations and improving the delivery experience. More than two thousand customers around the world have been able to boost their deliveries with us.