Hyundai Genesis Coupe will have a new engine

New 3,3L V6 engine will be lighter, more powerful and more fuel efficient.

It seems that the new generation of Hyundai Genesis Coupe will possess superior performance than that of the current version. According to information from The Korean Car Blog, a test version of the car with the sticker 3,3T AWD 8AT was caught in Korea. The name is synonymous with the Genesis Coupe will be powered by a turbocharged engine under the hood 3,3L. In addition, a high probability this is also the line V6 twin-turbo engine that Hyundai is preparing for the next generation of the Genesis sedan in 2017 or 2018.

Currently the two-door sport still is in the development stage so the technical parameters of the new engine has not yet been revealed. However, director of Hyundai North America has revealed to reporters that the new engine will be stronger Genesis Coupe is not inferior to line 5,0L V8 with 420 horsepower capacity of its current. Moreover, the director also said that the new design of the V6 engine will reduce a significant amount of extra weight and simultaneously improving fuel economy.

According to The Korean Car Blog, twin turbocharged V6 engine will be fitted for the performance version of the Genesis Coupe N Performance. And if properly called 8T 3,3T AWD coupe can be equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission supplied with two bridges. It can be said that another round of major upgrades for the Genesis Coupe if compares with 348 horsepower capacity of 3,8L V6 in the current version.

In addition, rumors said the design of the new Genesis Coupe that will be based on seat HND-9 Sports Coupe concept. And while this is a two-door sports model sports a pure, multiple sources said the car will have enough space for four passengers to sit comfortably. Be aware this is not the first time Hyundai testing new engine for the Genesis Coupe. A test version of the car other reporters were also caught this earlier and similar to the test this time, the coupe is still used to use the body of current life.